Lamborghini Aventador 2020 Full Review | Pictures, Price and Experience

Lamborghini Aventador 2020 Full Review | Pictures, Price and Experience
Lamborghini Aventador

Lambroghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador is a successful Lamborghini mass product. This is the successor of the Lamborghini V12 engined like Diablo, Miura, and so on. One thing is certain, many like this car. From its shape, voice, and of course its ability. Now, Lamborghini released another new Aventador S. Aventador from the engine is still the same, V12 with a capacity of 6.5 liters, but this time the power has jumped to 750 hp, with 650 Nm of torque. Aventador S also has a lighter weight of about 20 percent than before. Another new feature is the ability of the wheels to turn (4-wheel steering).

Viewed from the exterior side of the Lamborghini Aventador which has a character with a very aerodynamic curved surface that exudes an aura of luxury. This car from Italy has a very sophisticated technology from monocoque technology combined with light energy which has a very high level of strength and ability. In addition, Lamborghini also has a lighter weight than other Lamborghini cars.

Design and Dimensions

Lamborghini Aventador is a very luxurious supercar car whose price is quite expensive, therefore Lamborghini has made its car design which has a very luxurious and sporty concept. Moreover, by getting a touch of beautiful curves that make the Aventador lamborghini increasingly shows his gallantry. It also looks very clear on the alloy wheels that are so sporty and show that this car is getting more luxurious.


  • Machine Type : L539 4 VALVE, DOHC
  • Cylinder : 12 V (6.5 L)
  • Displacement : 6498 cm3
  • Compression : 11.8 : 1
  • Maximum Power : 552 KW/8400 rpm
  • Maximum Torque : 690 Nm/5500 rpm
  • Fuel System : Multi Point Injection
  • Full-Length : 4780 mm
  • Wide : 2030 mm
  • Height : 1360 mm
  • Weight : 1.575
  • Axle Spacing : 3700 mm
  • Ground Clearance : 104 mm
  • Transmission : Drive Type : All Wheel Drive, Gearbox : 7-speed automatic
    Body : Carbon Fibre Panels
  • Front Suspension : Double Wishbones Push-Rod Actuacted Coil Springs
  • Rear Suspension : Shock Absorber
  • Front Brakes : Ventilated Disc
  • Rear Brakes : Ventilated Disc
Then for the interior of the Lamborghini Aventador there are tons of very sophisticated and modern features that will provide comfort and satisfaction while driving. Especially in the seat of this car has been using thin soft carbon fiber. Then the steering system is designed like a very stylish race car and there are buttons that can make it easy to help navigation on this car.

Next we move on to the dimensions of the Lamborghini Aventador. In this car does have dimensions with a length of 4780 mm car, and width of the car is 2030 mm and the height of the car is only 1360 mm. These dimensions are the ideal size for a type of supercar that has a price of billions. In addition, this car has a lighter weight than other Lamborghini cars, so this car has good handling.

Lamborghini Aventador 2020 Full Review

Suspension And Legs

Next move on the suspension and legs for the supercar from Lamborgini which has amazing specifications. For the first is the suspension that is using Double wishbones push-Rod Actuacted Coil Springs for the front, while for the rear is a Shock Absorber. Both suspension systems are claimed to be able to reduce the vibrations generated in this car when in full gas.

For the legs of this supercar car has used the Ventilated Disc braking system for the front, while for the back also uses the same type, namely Ventilated Disc. In both of these braking systems the quality has been proven, especially with the addition of ABS braking system that can optimize braking and can prevent locking of the wheels when braking suddenly.

Engine Performance

Now, the switch to the performance of the Lamborghini Aventador engine which has pretty good performance for a class of car like this. This car has been equipped with the L539, 4VALVE, DOHC engine series with a 95 x mm x 76.4 mm diameter x stroke step which has a compression ratio of 11.8: 1. The engine can output its maximum power reaching 552 KW at 8400 rpm engine speed, while for 8400 rpm engine speed the torque reaches 90 Nm at 5500 rpm engine speed.

The performance produced by the engine is channeled with a full injection fuel system so that this supercar is able to issue so perfect power. And the acceleration produced is 0-100km / h in just 2.9 seconds with a 7 speed automatic gearbox steering system. It's amazing, so it's no wonder that the price of Lamborghini Aventador in the official price is quite expensive.


STARTING AT $426.000

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