Toyota Supra Legend Car That Reappears


A little history of the Toyota Supra is not your motorbike but a sports car from a manufacturer whose one car becomes a million people's car. Toyota Supra is a car that has  a high capability produced by Toyota , this car has been marketed in Japan  from 1978 to  2002

At the end of 2019 yesterday at the big event that is the much awaited car GIIAS, finally Toyota brought its legend to Indonesia. for you millennials rich in dollars and rupiah don't need to worry. Because   Toyota carries the Supra with full specifications without reducing any features, which means a full optional car. With a price tag that is cheap enough for this Toyota Supra sports car class for ON THE ROAD at a price of Rp 2.125 billion, is it cheap?

The latest Toyota Supra uses the same platform and engine as the BMW Z4 which was launched earlier, the 3,000 cc turbo engine. With a power range of  340 PS At 5,000-6,500 RPM and Torque of  50.5 KGM At 1,600-4,500 RPM, such a large engine power can be directly used to play drift. 

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