Full Review HONDA Civic Hatchback 2020

On 6 February 2020 Honda officially launched the Honda Civic Turbo Hatchback facelift with. Compared to the previous version, there are some notes for this new version. If previously Honda offered Honda Civic Hatchback with 2 types, namely S and E, now there is only 1 type, namely Civic RS. Changes to the front are minimal, but the same as the global version. Fake vents on the front bumper are now covered with solid plastic panels plus body-colored fin accents. On the front grille, there are RS emblems and all the headlights are  full  LED, even the fog lights.
Honda Civic Hatchback RS rim design is still similar to the previous Civic Hatchback E, but the color is darker. The side skirts  and window trims of the car are now given a black color so that the feel of the  sport is more acceptable, and indeed more suitable than the  previous chrome trim  on the window. On the back, unfortunately the brake lights are still ordinary bulbs, even though the twilight / night lights are LED.

Besides displaying a sporty design, the New Honda Civic Hatchback RS is also equipped with a number of modern features. Among these are audio systems that can be connected directly to smartphones and can be controlled via the steering wheel. Drivers can also take phone calls without removing their hands from the wheel via the Hands-Free Telephone Switch feature, and can start the engine at the touch of a button. This car is equipped with 1.5L VTEC Turbo engine with Earth Dreams technology. The engine is claimed to be able to produce maximum power and torque of 173 PS at 5,000 rpm. Maximum torque reaches 22.4kg.m at 5,500 rpm, 
at the same time is the largest in its class. New Honda Civic Hatchback RS also supports fuel efficiency in everyday use through the ECON feature that automatically regulates engine work and other features. The vehicle net emission level has also passed the EURO 2 emission standard test by the Indonesian government. This car series comes in five color choices, namely Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, Rallye Red, Crystal Black Pearl and Platinum White Pearl. Prices are priced at $ 36,373 

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