Hyundai Ioniq officially launched in Indonesia in 2020


The new breakthrough was presented by Hyundai  Mobil Indonesia ,  beginning in 2020, Hyundai Indonesia launched an electric car, which is surprising the price offered by the Hyundai is fairly affordable.
The Hyundai Ioniq car is present as a full electric powered sedan model, which was first officially marketed by this Korean manufacturer in Indonesia. Even by the HMI, Hyundai Ioniq already has an official price. This car was released with prices starting at Rp 569 million, but in conditions on the road which means there are additional costs for On The Road. With this price, Ioniq is the cheapest electric car in Indonesia at the moment. 

Hyundai Ioniq uses an electric motor  that has a power of 100 kW or equivalent to a conventional engine that has 134 hp, with 295 Nm of torque which is distributed to the front wheels. A standard charger is already available on the Hyundai ioniq , which also features a charger for every consumer who buys this car. Interesting right ? Oh  yes, the slur is pulled again, this car is also used by Grab in Indonesia. 

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