2020 Mercedes Benz GLE 450 4MATIC SUV Full Review

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Premium cars from Germany, Mercedes Benz again issued superior products in the sport utility vehicle (SUV) market. The product titled 2020 Mercedes Benz GLE 450 SUV will launch into the market in the spring of this year. There are a number of new advantages offered on this All New GLE model by combining advanced technology and luxurious design.

GLE 450 applies a new standard full of innovation in the SUV class, starting from the use of very high strength steel in its body shell, a suspension that has shock absorbers with the power of an electric motor, to an entertainment system that can be controlled only by sound. From the side of the runway, this vehicle is powered by a 3,000 cc six-cylinder engine that produces 362 horsepower and 396 lb-ft of torque with a sprint time of 0 to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds.

This engine is reinforced with a 48 volt electrical system that provides a temporary boost of up to 21 horsepower. GLE 450 has a six-cylinder diesel engine that meets level 2 Euro 6d Real Driving Emissions (RDE) standards which will not be required until 2020. This vehicle also features a nine-speed transmission that makes it strong and smooth with a wide active dynamics system, even on the most dense streets.

The steering system on the Mercedes Benz GLE 450 is adjusted to the right driving personality and responsiveness. Equipped with an active body control system or the first E-Active Body Control in the world that further adds comfort when driving. As consumers always expect on Mercedes Benz, GLE 450 also has a maximum security system to help drivers drive. For example active braking, active line assistance, and blind spot assistance so as to increase active safety.GLE 450 also comes with other advantages in the form of innovative driving assistants that can provide speed limits and route-based speed adaptations, combined with active stop-and go assists.

2020 Mercedes Benz GLE 450 SUV ( Black )

GLE 450 also comes with a third row seat available on request. The back is really carefully designed so that it makes it wider inside than it looks on the outside. This vehicle is equipped with a new larger screen and full color head-up display with a resolution of 720 x 240 pixels. Infotainment is created in the most luxurious interior settings of every luxury car in its class that makes it feel smoother, beautiful and elegant, system called MBUX Interior Assistant which is activated and can recognize hand and arm movements to support operation.

The exterior design not only exudes presence and strength, but also sets the aerodynamic standard in the SUV segment. The new 4MATIC engine ensures agility on all terrain roads.

With the various advantages offered, the Mercedes Benz GLE 450 SUV is priced at prices starting at US $ 61,150.
2020 Mercedes Benz GLE 450 SUV ( Red )

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