Auto Dacia Logan 2008 Full Review

Auto Dacia Logan 2008

    This class of cars made in  mid year 2008-mid year 2010 in the native country of RO Romania, this car is a product maker Dacia, a car is included in the class subcompact / supermini and has 4 doors in his body.
    Economic line reaches the car Renault Dacia Logan Sedan modelo2008 one received a small update (especially on the outside), now the calender and front fenders are bigger and, depending on the version, the fog lamps come with a trim carbon tone, also has a new range of colors for now has a blue end elĂ©ctricoy blue-gray basalt; Once inside you notice changes in its ergonomics thanks to its steering wheel and is adjustable in height and depth , and rear visibility is improved by increasing the mirrors.
As for basic equipment the car Dacia Logan provides us with ABS braking system with electronic brakeforce distribution, emergency brake assistance, also you were raised in 7cm the front and rear tracks for more stability and to strengthen more the you were added safety belts 3-point front airbags with inflator regulator.
The car Dacia Logan 2008 gives us the mechanical these engines:
  • 1.4MPI Motor with 75-horsepower (hp).
  • 1.6ltsMPI with 90hp.
  • 1.5dCi diesel engine with 70hp.
  • 1.5dCi diesel engine but with 85cv.
Engines Specifications ;

Acceleration on gears:

The times show how fast a car accelerates on high gears, without gear reduction. The lower the times, the drive is more relaxing and driver less often needs to change gears during overtaking or hill climbing. Practical tip: if the 60-100 km/h on 4th is higher than 11 sec and 80-120 km/h on 5th higher than 15 sec (or higher than 19 sec on 6th), the car will be felt as rather slowly reacting and will require downshifting very often in road conditions. In case of automatic transmission the values are shown for the manual mode, if such is available in the car.

60-100 km/h on IVth gear (sec)
(or top gear if total number of gears <4): 12.8
80-120 km/h on IVth gear (sec)
(or top gear if total number of gears <4): 15.3
80-120 km/h on Vth gear (sec): 24.5
80-120 km/h on VIth gear (sec):
40-60 mph on IVth gear (sec)
(or top gear if total number of gears <4): 10.3
50-70 mph on IVth gear (sec) 
(or top gear if total number of gears <4): 11.7
50-70 mph on Vth gear (sec): 18.6
50-70 mph on VIth gear (sec):
Driving range                                                                                     (km / miles on tank)
extra-urban:                                                                                      715-940 km / 445-580 miles
city:                                                                                                  520-680 km / 320-425 miles
highway:                                                                                           535-650 km / 335-400 miles
average combined:                                                                                 713 km / 442 miles

Auto Dacia Logan 2008
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